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About us

Tong Yang Group

Establishment in 1952 , Founder Mr. Kao Wu


Automotive plastics, sheet metal and cooling products, Motorcycle plastics products,Molds and paints

Global Presence

Taiwan, China
USA, Italy
total 22 manufacturing plants


Taiwan 4,242 ; China 5,047
USA and Italy 324
total 9,613


Main Products

Plastics Products Sheet Metal Products Cooling System Tooling Development Painting

Plastics Products

In plastic parts field, we bring in the most important technique, such as PU Forming、Powder Slush、SPM(SUMITOMO Press Molding), Gas Assisted Injection, Vibration Welding, Automotive Seamless Air Bag Laser Cutting Technology, etc..

Under specialization strategy, we set up our factories with the most advanced injection molding machines to produce Bumper Cover, Grille and Instrument Panel.

To establish a high efficiency production environment, we build Central Material Feeding System, Automatic Mold Changing System, Automatic Color Matching System、Robotic Product Picking System and Dustless Automatic Painting Line.

For the surface treatment of plastic parts, we have high precise production equipments, such as Bell Electrostatic Painting and Automatic Chrome Plating Lines.

Auto Chrome-Plating Line

Instrument Panel Treatment Machine

Blow Molding

4000 -TON Injection Molding Machine

CNC Ultrasonic Welding Machine

Robotic Stamping

Multi-Axis Gluing Robot

Multi-Axis Spot Welding Robot

Co2 Spot Welding Robot

Electro-Deposition Painting

NB Furnace

Armature Winding Machine

Vanish Dryer Machine

Armature Balance Test Machine

Material Conveyer System

Fin Machine With Fin Collect Machine

MPC Core Semi-Auto Assembly Machine

Core Tie Machine

Welding Robot

NC Milling Machine

EDM Section

Development Capability




# Company Established Country , City Customers
1 Tong Yang 1952 Tainan, Taiwan Taiwan and Overseas Car Makers, Worldwide parts distributors
2 Ru Yang 1990 Tainan, Taiwan Taiwan Car Makers
3 Chongqing Daijang Yuchyang 1994 Chongqing, China Changan Suzuki, Changan Automobile, Chengdu Toyota
4 Fuzhou Tong Yang 1995 Fuzhou, China Soueast auto, Changlin Auto
5 TYG EUROPE 1998 Italy Europe
6 Chang Chun Faway Tong Yang 2003 Jilin, China First Auto Group
7 Chongqing Dajiang Tong Yang 2004 Sichuan, China Chang Ford
8 Daik Yanishikawa Tong Yang 2005 Jiangsu, China Changan Ford
9 Nanijing Tong Yang 2007 Nanjing, China China
10 Wuhan Xiang Xing 2007 Hubei, China Dongfeng Nissan, Dongfeng Honda, Zhengzhou Nissan, General Motors
11 Changsha GACC Tong Yang 2011 Hunan , China GACC
12 Chang Chun Faway Tong Yang (Foshon) 2011 Guangdong,China First Auto Group
13 Foshon Tong Yang 2012 Hubei, China Dongfeng Nissan, GACC Toyota
14 Xiangyang Tong Yang 2012 Hubei, China Dongfeng Nissan, Zhengzhou Nissan, Infiniti
# Company Established Country , City Customers
1 Tong Yang 1952 Tainan, Taiwan Global
# Company Established Country , City Customers
1 Tong Yang 1952 Tainan, Taiwan Global
# Company Established Country , City
1 Tong Yang 1952 Tainan, Taiwan
2 Guangzhou Tong Yang Tatematsu 2008 Guangdong,China
# Company Established Country , City
1 Tung Yang 1996 Tainan,Taiwan
2 NBC (PANYU NANSHA) 1999 Guangdong, China
3 CHANG CHUN DUNYANG NBC 2000 Jilin, China
4 TIANJIN NBC 2001 Hebei, China
5 WU HAN NBC 2004 Hebei, China
6 NAN JIANG NBC 2005 Jiangsu,China